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4 Tips For Choosing The Right Fencing Around A Newly Built Pool

There are many good reasons why a fence is needed when living in a home with a pool, mainly due to the security risks a pool can pose to young children and pets. If you're concerned about the dangers of a pool, it's important to get started with a fence installation as soon as possible. In order for the fence to look great and add the security you want, consider the following tips.

Include a Securely Locked Gate

A gate is needed for any kind of fencing surrounding a pool for easy access, but it's important that the gate isn't too easy to use. When choosing a gate for your pool, it's important that you look into choosing a design that's not easily opened by children.

Consider the Height of Fences

As you look into your choices for pool fences, it's crucial that you don't rush and end up with a fence that's too short and unsuitable for your safety concerns. Not only will the height of the fencing make a difference in looks and safety, you may also find that some fences aren't appropriate for use around a pool due to regulations set by your city or state.

With the typical fence height for pools around 4 feet, you may want to adjust it as you see fit.

Choose an Appropriate Fencing Material 

With all of the choices for fencing materials, ranging from wood to chain-link, vinyl, and more, you have plenty of options to consider. Keeping in mind the look of your landscaping is a good start, along with considering the stability and longevity of the different fences. With all of this in mind, you can choose the best type of material to use around your pool.

Look Into Installing an Alarm System

For extra security, you may want to look into getting an alarm system hooked up with your pool fencing. What this can do is sound an alarm when the fence is moved, making it easy to discover if someone has opened the gate without your knowledge. This can be extremely helpful in homes with children due to the extra bit of security it adds.

As you explore your options for fencing that can be used around a pool, it's important that you make your main focus security. With all of this in mind, you'll be able to safely add a fence that will make your pool and yard much safer for your family. Contact a fencing company like Isaac Fence & Masonry for more information.