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Three Things That You May Want To Add To Your Cedar Fence Installation

Installing a cedar fence around your home can give you many benefits such as privacy and security. If you want to get more out of your investment, you may want to have some additional work done when installing your fence. This can be things like installing an arbor, adding a screen to a patio, and creating seating for your garden. If you want more from your new cedar fence, here are some other things that you may want to have done while you are having your new fence installed:

1. Adding Arbors For Shade Or Aesthetic Details

Arbors can be a great addition to your fence or your landscaping design. They can be built out of cedar and create an aesthetic detail for gate entrances. You can also use them for a practical solution to provide shade for a patio. With the addition of climbing plants, they can give you a great shaded area to enjoy a cool breeze during the hot summer months. Plus, having a new arbor installed is the perfect thing to show off at your summer BBQ's this summer. 

2. Adding To Your Landscaping Design With Planters That Match Your Fence

You may also want to add to your landscaping design with planters. They can even be made out of cedar lumber to match your fence. These can be integrated into the design of your fence, making it sturdier. You can also have planters made separately, which will allow you to move them around whenever you want.

3. Creating Seating For Different Areas Of Your Garden With Cedar Benches

Another thing that can be done with your cedar fence is adding seating. You can have benches built into the fence, which can be great for areas around patios. In addition, you may also want to have benches built for seating in a garden and other areas in your landscaping design. These features can have the same design and style of your fence to give landscaping a uniform look.

These are some of the other things that you may want to have done when having a new fence installed. If you are ready to build a new wood fence, contact a cedar fence contractor and talk with them about some of these additional features for your fence project. 

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