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Three Ways To Upgrade Your Chain-Link Fence

If you are used to thinking of a chain-link fence as utilitarian and nondescript, it is time to reconsider. Surrounding your house with chain-link fencing is an efficient way to mark your property boundaries, and if you upgrade the look of your fencing, you don't have to worry that your fence will compromise the curb appeal of your house. 

Use Slats to Create A Private Outdoor Space

One of the drawbacks of living in suburbia is that you might feel like you and your family are always on display. A standard chain-link fence will do little to relieve the feeling that you are in a fishbowl. On the other hand, you can slip thin slats of wood through the wires that make up your chain link fence and get the privacy you are after. You can buy such slats pre-cut and ready for installation and slip them into your fence in one Saturday, so turning your chain-link into a privacy fence is a good do-it-yourself project.

Add Some Class with Decorative Finials

A finial is a decorative trim piece that you place at the top of a fence post. If you want to upgrade the utilitarian looks of your fence, adding finials is a good place to start. The metal poles used on a chain-link fence are hollow. If rain water falls inside the poles, it can pool up and accentuate the process of corrosion; thus, your poles or posts should have some sort of a cap, but rather than look for something that is strictly utilitarian in purpose, you can look for a fence post that has been designed to give it some decorative appeal. 

Add Some Color with Vinyl Coating

If you don't like the dull grey color of the standard chain-link fence, then consider buying a vinyl-coated chain-link fence. If you have a natural area behind your house, and you want to keep pests out without degrading your view, installing a chain-link fence that has been coated with green vinyl will allow your fence to blend into the background. Green is just one of the colors that you can choose for your fence, and not only will adding color upgrade the look of your fence, but vinyl will help to protect your fence against rust. 

There is not just one style of chain-link fence. Instead, you have many options to choose from. Galvanized steel, vinyl, color, height, finials, slats—each choice you make will help to improve the function and/or the aesthetics of your fence. Contact a professional fencing company, like Elrod Fence Co, for more information on installing your chain-link fence.