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How To Install An Electronic Pet Containment Fence

If you want to keep your dog within certain boundaries of your yard but do not want to tie them up or put up a fence, then an electronic pet containment fence may be just what you need. Electronic pet fences can be installed in a day and they give your pet the freedom they need to move about within a confined area while giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your dog is safe.

How do electronic pet containment fences work?

Electronic pet containment fences use a small electrical charge to keep your pet within certain boundaries of your yard. Wires are placed underground to set the boundaries. A small receiver will be put on your dog's collar and a warning tone will be given off whenever you dog gets too close to the hidden underground boundaries. If your dog ignores the warning tone and gets to the hidden boundary, then a slight shock which is just a bit stronger than static electricity will be given off. The system is powered by a transmitter plug that you place inside your home. The transmitter plug fits into a regular electrical outlet.

Are all dogs a good candidate for electronic containment fencing?

No, not all dogs are good candidates for electronic fencing. If your dog has health problems, then this kind of fencing may not be appropriate. There are also some dogs who are very stubborn and they may be more than willing to accept the small electrical shock and go past the boundaries set by the underground wiring system.

How do you set up an electronic pet containment fence?

You can set up an electronic pet containment fence by using the following guidelines.

  1. Use a piece of paper to create a rough draft of your yard.
  2. Plot in the area that you want to cover on the draft.
  3. Go outside and use chalk or string to physically mark out the area.
  4. Make sure that the corners in the area you plot out are rounded because right angles will confuse the transmitter.
  5. Dig about two feet underground in the area you have marked out.
  6. Bury the wire that will form the fence boundary, but do not cover it.
  7. Plug the indoor transmitter into a plug in your home. Use the programming feature to decide how many feet you want to allow your dog to get to the wire boundary before receiving a warning.
  8. Place the collar with the receiver around the dog's neck.
  9. Bring the dog close to the boundary to see if it works.
  10. If the dog recoils then you know the system works.
  11. Cover the wire with dirt.

An electronic pet containment system is not for every dog but if you feel your dog will respond well to it, then it is well worth a try. To learn more, contact a company like Hahn-AA Fencing.