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Placing A Gate In Your Driveway: Options To Choose From

Placing a gate across your driveway adds deeper security your home as well as an aesthetic value that you can enjoy. A fully enclosed yard is a wonderful benefit to the enjoyment of your property, and options in gate styles and functions allow you to choose a design that works best for your needs. Here are options for gates that you can choose for your driveway.

Electric gates

If you don't want to have to get out of your vehicle to open a gate to gain access to your driveway, an electric gate is a convenient option you can consider. An electric gate works similarly to an automatic garage door where you can press a button on a remote and the gate opens for you automatically. You can choose an electric gate in a classic chain link style or a more decorative wrought iron steel to add a sense of allure to the front of your yard.

Wooden gates

Commonly made from cedar or pine, wooden gates are attractive when placed in front of your driveway. Adhered to steel for strong reinforcement and finished so they are more weather resistant, this is a great gate to choose for your driveway if your goal is to add attraction to your driveway area. You can buy a wooden gate in a standard rolling option or have it installed as an electric gate for user convenience.

Custom gates

You can customize a gate to show off your personal sense of style and make your landscape stand out in your yard. You can buy a wrought iron steel gate and have your initials welded across the center or it, or have the gate embellished with leaves, rings, or twisted knots to give it a greater appeal. Talk to your fence contractor, like those at F & W Fence Company, Inc., about the ways you can customize a driveway gate so you can display your home's personality.

Chain link gates

If budget is something you are worried about, then a classic chain link gate with rolling wheels may be an option you can afford. A chain link driveway gate with rolling wheels is designed to slide back as opposed to open in or out, making it easy to get in and out of your driveway with manual use. You can buy chain link in various colors, including black, white, or even green, to give your driveway gate a unique look without going over budget.

If you want to put a driveway gate on your property, you have many options to choose from. You can choose an electric gate in stylish wrought iron, or you can go classic with chain link to stay within a healthy budget. Talk to your fence contractor about which option will work best for your property and financial needs.