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3 Easy Ways To Protect Your PVC Fence Posts From Weed Whackers

Perhaps the most important difference between PVC and wood fencing is that PVC fences have far fewer natural and artificial enemies than wood. Being nearly impervious to things like wood and pests, it's easy to skip any and all protective measures for your vinyl fence. However, there are a couple of important, and preventable, things that can harm your vinyl fence, decreasing its stability, curb appeal, and value. One of the more common enemies of the PVC fence is your very own weed whacker, and a careless landscaper can really do a number on your fence if you don't protect it. Here are some simple ways to protect the posts of your PVC fence from the dreaded careless weed whacker.

Ceramic Protection

One of the more tasteful ways to protect your fence posts is by giving them a layer of ceramic protection at their bases. To do this, you'll need some ceramic tiles that are the same width as one side of your fence posts. Then, all you have to do is glue the tiles in place on all four sides of your fence posts using PVC cement. If you have a circular post that needs protecting, using small terra cotta plant pots will also do the trick. These tough materials will stand up to the plastic strings of your weed whacker with ease, and can be used to either accent your fence posts or you can match the colors to blend them right in.

Metal Flashing

Like the ceramic fence protection recommended above, you can also put some copper, galvanized steel, or zinc flashing around your fence posts to protect them from your weed whacker. Copper and white PVC is a winning combination, and galvanized steel goes with any color scheme, as well. You may be able to find pre-molded flashings for your fence posts at the hardware store, and if you can't, you can do the job yourself with some straight pieces of metal, some bending, and some nailing. The best part about doing this installation yourself is that you can largely pick the height of your flashing based on where you'll likely need the most protection.

Weed Removal

If you would prefer to keep your weed whacker away from your fence entirely, then one easy way to take care of this is to simply clear a few inches alongside your fence. To make sure that the weeds and grass stay at bay, replace them with some flagstones, gravel, or brick to give the edges of your yard a finished look. This project can be done in an afternoon with just a manual edger and your paving material of choice. 

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