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Tips For Those Installing A New Fence On Their Property

Installing a fence on your property can be an excellent way of protecting your property from unwanted trespassers or keeping pets safely on your property. Unfortunately, there are many factors that homeowners may overlook when it comes to installing a fence, and these oversights can lead to major problems later. If you are considering installing a fence, you should make sure that you use the following two tips to avoid making some common mistakes during this process.

Inform The Insurance Company

Many homeowners may not realize that it is important to inform the insurance company about any upgrades made to the property. However, this is critically important because it can change the value of your property as well as the insurance needs. Also, the upgrades may not be covered by your policy until they have been reported, which can leave you liable for repair costs if your fence is damaged.

In addition to ensuring you have the protection you think you do, informing your insurance company about the installation of a new fence may help to lower your monthly premiums. This is because a fence is often considered a security upgrade by insurance companies, which may qualify you for a discount.

Periodically Check For Erosion Damage

After the fence has been installed, it is necessary for you to regularly inspect the fence posts for signs of erosion. The installation of these posts can dramatically change the way that water flows through your yard, which may cause the soil around the fence posts to start to erode. Eventually, this issue can cause your fence to collapse.

By regularly inspecting the soil around the posts, you will be able to determine if it is eroding. In instances where the soil is suffering from excessive erosion, it may be necessary to have a landscaper alter the way water flows through your yard. This can be done by altering the terrain of installing French drains, and the best option will depend on the specific needs and contours of your yard.

It is easy for homeowners to make the error of overlooking some of the tasks that are required to get the most from a new fence. Ensuring that your insurance company is aware of the installation of the fence and that you are regularly inspecting for signs of severe erosion will make it easier for you to avoid some errors that are fairly common from homeowners having their first fence installed. To learn more, contact a residential vinyl fencing company like Alpine Fencing & Supplies