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Remove Small Rust Spots And Flakes Of Paint From An Iron Fence And Repaint Its Surface

If the iron fence that surrounds your backyard has small rust spots on its surface and paint is flaking off in several spots, remove the signs of damage by completing the project below. Once finished, add a couple coats of paint to the fence's surface that contains a rust inhibitor to prevent more damage from occurring.


  • garden hose
  • emery cloth
  • mixing stick
  • bucket of soapy water
  • handheld scrub brush
  • masking tape
  • tarps
  • spray paint (with rust inhibitor)

Remove Rust And Chipped Paint And Clean The Iron Surface

Use a garden hose to spray the fence's surface with a strong stream of water. Loose rust pieces or chipped paint will be eliminated during this step. Once you have removed as much of the damage as you could with the hose, move an emery cloth firmly over any rust spots that remain on the fence's surface. An emery cloth will fit in small areas and can be used to sand uneven surfaces.

Fill a bucket with water and add some mild detergent to it. Once suds form, you can apply the soapy solution to the iron surface with a handheld scrub brush. Use consistent pressure as you move the brush back and forth over dirty spots on the fence. Rinse the fence off with a garden hose afterwards and wait for it to dry.

Add A Couple Coats Of Paint

Cover any areas next to the fence that you do not want exposed to the paint with strips of tape. So don't get any paint on the ground, line a few tarps across the ground so that the grass or dirt on each side of the fence is covered. Stand a few away from the edge of one side of the fence as you apply the spray paint as evenly as possible, beginning with the top of the fence and working your way downwards. Coat the entire side of the fence with paint before adding paint to the other side.

Wait a few hours for the paint to dry. Lightly touch the surface of the fence to make sure that the painted surface is not tacky. Add another coat of paint to each side of the fence. Once the paint has dried, remove the tarps from the ground and the strips of tape. The iron fence will have a newer appearance and the paint will protect it from rusting. Use non-abrasive cleaning tools and cleaners to remove stains from the iron surface in the future. 

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