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Fiberglass Fences: A Perfect Product If You Love Wood But Don't Want All The Maintenance

Installing a fence on your home is a great way to frame your yard while adding some privacy and safety to your lawn. No matter what style, size, or color your fence is, you will probably prefer a product that is easy to maintain. Most people think of wood when it comes to residential fencing, but it is not the most practical product on the market. If you want something that is a little cheaper and easier to maintain, fiberglass is a great option. This article explains the advantages of using fiberglass instead of wood for your residential fence.

Fiberglass with Fake Wood Finishes

If you want the look of real wood, there are a few fiberglass options to choose from. First of all, you can choose solid-colored fiberglass fences. These are painted with a solid but matte finish, so they look close to real wood. They have molded textures that replicate the look and feel of wood grains, with 3-D grain textures and knots. When you see this type of fiberglass fence from far away, it might be hard to tell that it is not real wood.

You can also find fiberglass with detailed multi-color prints to replicate stained wood. This is extremely popular because most people who install wooden fences want to show of the natural wood colors. Fiberglass manufacturers have tried to replicate this look with surprising success. You will probably realize that the material is not real wood, but it can look quite convincing when viewed from the curb.

Fiberglass Maintenance

Some might ask why you would bother with fiberglass if you are trying to achieve the look of wood. Why not just invest in real wood? The simple answer is that fiberglass fencing is much easier to maintain. Most importantly, it is perfectly waterproof and you don't need to stain, paint, preserve, or seal it to keep it that way. In fact, spraying your fence down with a hose or wiping it down with wet sponge is the best way to clean fiberglass fencing. Basically, you don't need to use any expensive products or spend a lot of time trying to maintain your fiberglass fence. The smooth finish on a fiberglass fence also means that it is less likely to get dirty. It is not absorbent so grass and soil stains are unlikely.

Fiberglass is a great option for homeowners who don't want a lot of time consuming maintenance. For more information, contact local professionals like Askatu Construction.