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Caring For Your Wooden Fence

Wood is a very common material to use in the construction of fencing, but ti may not be as durable as other types of materials. This can make it beneficial to learn about the types of issues that you may need to correct with your wood fence.

What Is Causing The Fence To Warp?

Warping is a common problem with wood fencing. This can reduce the aesthetics of the fence, and it can also compromise the effectiveness of the fence by creating small gaps in it. Warping is often the result of moisture damage. Preventing your wood fence from suffering this damage requires a protective waterproof coating to be regularly applied to the fence. Otherwise, moisture will be able to start seeping into the wood where it can cause warping or rotting to start occurring.

Can The Fence Posts Come Loose?

Loose fence posts is a serious problem that must be handled promptly if you are to limit the risk of entire sections of the fence failing. Erosion is the main cause of loose fence posts, and while you may not be able to stop the erosion process completely, you can help to reinforce the fence post when it starts to loosen. Pouring a small amount of concrete into the post hole will help to stabilize the post so that the fence's integrity can be protected.

How Do You Protect The Color Of Your Wood Fence?

An important advantage of wood fencing is that it will have a beautiful color and texture to it. Unfortunately, exposure to the sunlight can cause the color of your wood to start to fade, which can leave the fence looking faded. There is no way to stop this process completely, but you can minimize its effects by applying a finish to the fence every couple of years. This will help to rejuvenate the color of the wood without forcing you to paint it.

Is It Possible To Patch Damaged Wood Fencing?

Wood fencing that has suffered chips and cracks in it can often be repaired as long as the repairs are made before rot can start to occur. During the repair process, a filler material will be applied to the damaged area of the wood. This filler will bond to the wood and harden as it dries. As a result, it can reinforce the damaged section of fencing while also preventing moisture from getting into it. The most difficult part of this repair will be matching the filler to the color of the rest of the wood, but an experienced fence repair technician will have the tools to provide the closest match possible.

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