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3 Tips for Installing a Fence for Cats

When many people think about installing a fence for their pets, they think about installing a fence for their dogs. If you have cats, though, you might still benefit from installing a fence. You might be concerned about your cat being injured if you don't keep it contained in your yard but you might like the idea of allowing your cat to enjoy a little bit of fresh air. Of course, there are certain considerations that you will have to keep in mind when installing a fence specifically for containing cats. These tips should help you, though, if this is something that you want to do.

1. Go with a Tall Fence

First of all, you will want to choose a taller fence for your cats. If your fence is too short, then your cat might be able to jump over it or climb over it with ease. A taller fence will help a lot with containing your feline companions. Plus, you might find that you will prefer a taller fence anyway since it can be better for keeping your property secure. Your pet's vet and your fence contractor can ensure you know which height is ideal for your cat breed.

2. Opt for a Privacy Fence

Cats can often fit through smaller, tighter spaces than you might think. Therefore, when choosing a fence material, you shouldn't just think about your cat climbing the fence; instead, you should also think about the possibility of your cat fitting through the slats in the fence. To help prevent this, you might want to opt for a privacy fence. They can also provide you and your human family members with more privacy when you're enjoying your yard, which you might find that you prefer.

3. Choose an Appropriate Topper

Even if you choose a tall privacy fence, there is still the chance that your cat could climb over your fence. Choosing an appropriate topper for your fence can help, though. If you opt for a fence with spikes along the top, this can make your fence much more uncomfortable for your cat to climb on. Another option is to install chicken wire along the top of your fence. There are even special attachments that can be purchased and installed on your fence with the idea of keeping your cats safe in mind. If you talk to a fence company, they can tell you about these options.