Tips For Those Installing A New Fence On Their Property

Installing a fence on your property can be an excellent way of protecting your property from unwanted trespassers or keeping pets safely on your property. Unfortunately, there are many factors that homeowners may overlook when it comes to installing a fence, and these oversights can lead to major problems later. If you are considering installing a fence, you should make sure that you use the following two tips to avoid making some common mistakes during this process. [Read More]

3 Easy Ways To Protect Your PVC Fence Posts From Weed Whackers

Perhaps the most important difference between PVC and wood fencing is that PVC fences have far fewer natural and artificial enemies than wood. Being nearly impervious to things like wood and pests, it's easy to skip any and all protective measures for your vinyl fence. However, there are a couple of important, and preventable, things that can harm your vinyl fence, decreasing its stability, curb appeal, and value. One of the more common enemies of the PVC fence is your very own weed whacker, and a careless landscaper can really do a number on your fence if you don't protect it. [Read More]

Placing A Gate In Your Driveway: Options To Choose From

Placing a gate across your driveway adds deeper security your home as well as an aesthetic value that you can enjoy. A fully enclosed yard is a wonderful benefit to the enjoyment of your property, and options in gate styles and functions allow you to choose a design that works best for your needs. Here are options for gates that you can choose for your driveway. Electric gates If you don't want to have to get out of your vehicle to open a gate to gain access to your driveway, an electric gate is a convenient option you can consider. [Read More]

Is Your Wooden Fence Ready For Winter?

Wooden fences need to be completely protected from precipitation in order to maintain structural integrity. During the winter, this type of fencing is especially vulnerable to precipitation because snow and ice can break down the paint and stain that protects wood. This is why it's very important to prepare your wooden fence before winter arrives. These tips will help you get your wooden fence ready for snow and icy weather. [Read More]