Best Landscaping Around Your Privacy Fence

In order to maintain its beauty and functionality, your privacy fence must be periodically maintained and refinished. Depending on the type of protective coating on your privacy fence, the wood may need to be waterproofed annually or restained every three to seven years. Maintaining the fence goes much more quickly provided that you have adequate access to your fence on all sides and at all locations. When choosing a landscaping feature for the area near your privacy fence, accessibility is key. [Read More]

Curb Appeal: Add Landscaping to Your Chain Link Fence

If you have a chain link fence, you probably had it installed for its durability. If you don't yet have a chain link fence, know that such fencing is almost maintenance free. Either way, the fence can disappear into the landscape due to its unobtrusiveness. Make your fence do double duty by using it as a backdrop for your landscaping. Fence Preparation If you have a fence that came with a vinyl coating, you can skip this step. [Read More]

Three Tips To Help You Convert Chain Link Fencing Into An Attractive Wood Fence

If you have a chain link fence around your home, it can be a good fence for security or keeping the dogs in the yard. The problem is that it may not be the most attractive solution or give your home privacy. There are some things that you can do to convert your chain link fence into an attractive wood fence. This can give you the option to do your entire fence or just do it a section at a time. [Read More]

4 Tips For Choosing The Right Fencing Around A Newly Built Pool

There are many good reasons why a fence is needed when living in a home with a pool, mainly due to the security risks a pool can pose to young children and pets. If you're concerned about the dangers of a pool, it's important to get started with a fence installation as soon as possible. In order for the fence to look great and add the security you want, consider the following tips. [Read More]